About Blockbuster

Blockbuster is your home of Entertainment! From the hottest Blu-ray 3D New Releases, the latest BB Kids titles to the black and white classics we’ve got something to entertain everybody.

Blockbuster now offers you more choices, to get your Entertainment Your Way.

Blockbuster Stores

Your locally owned Blockbuster store is run by passionate franchisees who are passionate about entertainment and are proud to be part of your community. Blockbuster might be an international brand, but we’re local businesses at heart and each store has its own unique offering chosen specially for your local area.

We’ve been entertaining Australian households since 1991 and we’ve got walls of new release product, plenty of copies of the latest and hottest titles, a huge collection of weekly favourites, a choice between Blu-ray, DVD and Blu-ray 3D, plus TV Series, Games, BBKids and many other categories, there’s so much to choose from – and that’s just for something to rent!

Our stores also offer the most affordable way to build your at home movie collection with a great selection of quality guaranteed ex-rental movies, TV Series and Games for sale. Plus new entertainment to own, and a great selection of snacks and drinks to complete your movie night experience.

Your local Blockbuster store really is the greatest entertainment value in town!

Blockbuster Kiosks

Our first Blockbuster kiosks launched in June 2012, now we’re rolling out new Blockbuster kiosks every month! Kiosks are located in super convenient locations like supermarkets, shopping centres and convenience stores and are accessible for as long as the site they’re at is open.

Stocking the best new movies on Blu-ray and DVD (and the occasional hot new TV Series), renting from a Blockbuster kiosk is as simple as

  • Select your movie
  • Swipe your credit card
  • Enjoy your movie!

To find your closest kiosk, go to our Store & Kiosk locator and type in your post code or suburb – if you don’t find one nearby, keep checking back as we’re adding new sites all the time!

If you want more from your Blockbuster experience, join us on Facebook, Twitter or our blog, just click on the links at the top of the page.