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Together at last, on one DVD, is the complete collection of award winning short film from the world's best loved and most successful model animation studio Aardman Animations.

This includes the anarchic fun with 'Pib and Pog', medieval tales from BAFTA-winning 'Wat's Pig' as well as 22 other classic films, there's no doubt this collection has something for everyone.

- Pib & Pog (1994) 6 Minutes
This model animation production from Oscar® winning studio Aardman Animations is a witty pastiche of classic childrens programmes.

Pib and Pog bring a whole new meaning to mischief as their harmless pranks become ever more outrageous. This was Peter Peake's first film for Aardman Animations.
Minotaur & Little Nerkin (1999) 2 Minutes
Minotaur is hungry. He lays a trap with some tasy bait. Then little Nerkin comes wandering by .Minotaur and Little Nerkin is a short 2 min CGI film. It was produced in Softimage 3D and Photoshop 5.

- War Story (1989) 5 Minutes
A stirring story from the Second World War in which the narrator, Bill, speaks out frankly about the bombing and the plumbing. His narrative, which is taken from a real interview, eases in and out of memory, revealing the astonishing resilience of ordinary people in the face of Hitler, subsidence and a deaf coal-man.

- Wat's Pig (1996) 11 Minutes
Aardman Animations presents the latest animated comedy film from Peter Lord, Oscar® nominated director of 'Adam' and 'War Story'. Shot split-screen 'Wat's Pig' tells the tale of two brothers, cruelly separated at birth, who live as neighbours, never knowing of each other's existence.
In a castle on the hill, one brother lives as a powerful and wealthy Earl. Meanwhile his brother Wat, who has been raised since childhood by a friendly pig, scrapes a living in his humble hovel. When a nearby Baron threatens the Earl with War, fate unexpectedly brings these two lives together again

- My Baby Just Cares for Me (1987) 3 Minutes
An animated Pop Promo accompaniment for Nina Simone's classic song.

- Stage Fright (1997) 11 Minutes
A former dog juggling star of the music hall, made obsolete by the coming of cinema, has to face up to change, conquer his inner demons and move on. In his way stands Arnold Hew, the talentless and manipulative star of the silver screen who has stolen his act and destroyed his confidence. Told in flashbacks the film charts the degradation of the dog juggler by the callous Hew and builds up to the night of their final confrontation on the stage of a crumbling music hall.

- HumDrum (1998) 7 Minutes
Two bored shadow puppets play themselves at their own game.

- Pop (1996) 2.45 Minutes
A bored youth, a bored fish, a can of pop - the results are explosive! A short animated film by young British director, Sam Fell.

- Owzat (1997) 4.50 Minutes
One summer night, a churchyard is the venue for a cricketing confrontation between ghostly fielders and a skeletal batsman

- Adam (1991) 6 Minutes
A six minute romp through the bits of the Creation Myth the Book of Genesis dared not print.

- Indent (1989) 5 Minutes
Ident is a film of masks & weird goings on. A city of mirrors and mazes, putty people, plasticine places and bizarre changes.

- Al Dente (1998) 2 Minutes
Al, a waiter, is surprised by an order for a meal from an unconventional diner.

- Loves Me, Loves Me Not (1992) 8 Minutes
A modern-day Narcissus?
A humorous exploration of male vanity?
A cheap gag film!

- Babylon (1986) 14.30 minutes
A meeting of arms dealers comes to a bloody conclusion, observed by a diffident waiter.

- Next (1989) 5 Minutes
An empty stage, one actor, and the complete works of William Shakespeare. This is an audition quite unlike any other, and with a great deal at stake.

- On Probation (1981) 5 Minutes
A lesson in how to deal with today's youth problem!

- Sales Pitch (1981) 5 Minutes
You may never want to open your front door again!

- Palmy Days (1981) 5 Minutes
Five elderly people on the rampage down memory lane.

- Early Bird (1981) 5 Minutes
The dawn of a commercial radio station made using the Aardman style of lip-synching plasticine models.

- Late Edition (1981) 5 Minutes
Makes the Front Page look like the Front Page!

- Confessions of a Foyer Girl (1978) 5 Minutes
Two usherettes in a cinema foyer talk about boys and boredom and what they are going to do when they get home from work.

- Down & Out (1978) 5 Minutes
Using real-life recordings from a social security office, this early work helped to define the Aardman style of lip-synching plasticine models.

- Going Equipped (1989) 5 Minutes
A young man who has spent almost half of his life in a variety of penal institutions, reflects on life inside and outside prison. In an articulate interview he speaks with clarity, with irony and sometimes with humour about his criminal career, which is illustrated by a series of memoirs and impressions.

- Not Without my Handbag (1993) 12 Minutes
You can't go anywhere without your handbag!


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