Blockbuster Privacy Policy

BB Australia Pty Ltd and its related bodies corporate (herein called “Blockbuster”) comply with the Australian Privacy Principles.  To that end, we offer this statement to inform our users of how we collect, use, disclose and keep secure your personal information.  Blockbuster will take all reasonable steps to protect user privacy, consistent with the Australian Privacy Principles.

Blockbuster collects, uses, discloses and keeps secure your personal information for the purposes of managing and operating any of our websites or stores in our dealings with you. By continuing to use our websites or stores you agree that you have read and understood Blockbuster’s Privacy Policy.  Should you have any questions or queries in respect of the Privacy Policy please contact Blockbuster directly at enquiries@blockbuster

You authorise Blockbuster or stores to disclose information about you to organisations within Blockbuster and organisations and agencies that Blockbuster uses in the ordinary administration of its business as well as third parties and promotional agencies who form part of Blockbuster's product and services delivery. Blockbuster may also disclose information to existing and potential purchasers and franchisees of its business.

You are not obliged to provide to Blockbuster your personal information but if you elect not to do so Blockbuster may not be able to help you process your employment application, franchisee application or interest in a franchise. If you elect not to agree with our Privacy Policy then please do not provide to Blockbuster your personal information. 

Blockbuster’s Privacy Policy forms part of the Terms and Conditions of Use and can be found at the following websites:

Blockbuster may from time to time revise and update the Privacy Policy.  All personal information collected and kept by Blockbuster will be governed by the most recent updated Privacy Policy. We invite you to check our websites from time to time to keep current with all updates.

1.Information you provide us and collection of personal information.

Blockbuster will only collect your personal information that we reasonably require for the conduct of our business and will do so by lawful means. The nature of the personal information we collect from you may depend on the type of transaction or dealings you are having with us.  This may include the following:-

In order for Blockbuster to provide services to you in relation to your rental or retail transactions may include your name, email or contact phone numbers, delivery address and payment details. Other information will also be collected with your permission from time to time. This will normally include preferences such as likes or dislikes.

Personal information provided by you to Blockbuster when you undertake a promotion, participate in a competition or other promotional activity, customer loyalty program, VIP membership, market research and surveys, SMS messaging, subscribing to our mailing or email list or any other interaction by means of social media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, You Tube, Pin Interest, Wordpress. The information we collect may include details of your name, email address, phone numbers, postal address and movie and entertainment preferences.

Personal information may also be provided to our corporate and franchise stores, our websites and customer service centres when dealing with us. This information may include your name, email address, phone numbers, postal address and movie and entertainment preferences.

If you are applying for an employment role with Blockbuster we will collect information relevant to your application. If you are applying to become a Blockbuster franchisee we will collect information relevant to that application. We will ensure we comply with all relevant Australian law.

Other than the above, we will not collect sensitive information about you unless you have first consented to the collection of such information and in accordance with relevant Australian law.

2. What are Cookies?

Cookies are alphanumeric identifiers that are placed on your computer's hard drive through your web browser.

Cookies enable our systems to recognise your browser and welcome you back to the store.

By disabling cookies, you will not be able to participate in some of the features offered by Blockbuster.

Most Internet browsers are pre-set to accept cookies. If you prefer not to receive cookies, you can adjust your Internet browser to disable or to warn you when cookies are used. As there are many browsers in the marketplace, the easiest way to change your settings is by searching for Cookies in your Help/Contents and Index option on your browser.

We recommend that you leave your Cookies enabled otherwise, you will not be able to shop with us.

Our cookies don't send us back any information about your computer or any other information on your hard drive.

3.How do we use the information?

Information that you have provided us will be used in the following ways:

To enhance your shopping experience with our websites and stores;

To communicate to you new products and services and also at times, the opportunity to up take on special promotions or offers or competitions. You have the option to opt-out of this communication by replying to the communication with an unsubscribe message;

To generate a holistic but anonymous view of the Blockbuster customer base. This information will allow us to analyse trends and demographics to help Blockbuster improve on the services provided to our customer base.

It is important to note that we only send periodical communications to people who have "opted in" to receive it. We do not set out to "spam" our members in any way and honour their right to privacy.

To collect any debts such as late fees from rental transactions that may be owed to Blockbuster from transactions undertaken by you with stores.

4.Disclosure of Your Information

Third party companies and individuals have been engaged to perform functions on behalf of Blockbuster. Functions such as fulfilling and delivery of purchases, credit card payment authorisation, trend analysis, marketing and promotions, but all information will only be used to perform their appropriate functions and not for other usage.

Blockbuster will pass on information relating to suspected fraudulent activity to appropriate authorities and in accordance with Australian law.

Partner Stores including Franchisees:
With organizations that we operate but do not own, your information will be shared with that business. Please note, that we only go into partnerships with stores who have the same regard to Privacy as we do. We will not at any time share your financial information with the partner store.

Industry Groups:
From time to time we provide statistical information about sales, trading patterns and navigation techniques to reputable third parties. This may comprise data collected about you and other users to form aggregate results. However, we will not provide any direct personal information that identifies you as our customer.

Overseas Recipients:
At this time, Blockbuster do not disclose personal information to overseas recipients. Should this change in the future the policy will be updated to include such information and individuals notified.

Verification of Accounts:
We do use various details to verify information given to us by our customers and members. At times, we use:

- names on member accounts to compare with information on credit cards;

- we use member phone numbers and email addresses provided to us to communicate with customers about payments

- we use member addresses to check against credit card billing addresses etc.

- in cases where fraud or other crime is suspected, we do communicate with Police, Banks and other relevant authorities in accordance with Australian law.

- Many of these checks are done manually and communication is handled carefully by a member of Blockbuster’s own Customer Service team.

5.Information Security

All information submitted to Blockbuster is kept secure and if provided to one of our websites is secured using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

Customer credit card details are only used to process payment and are not saved in the Blockbuster online system.  No credit card information is stored on Blockbuster’s web servers.

Information sitting on the Blockbuster web servers are protected by state-of-the-art encryption and firewall technology

6.Accessing Information

Personal information provided by you can be changed by you if information provided is incorrect or out of date. Please contact Blockbuster customer service on if you wish to change your information.

If you need more assistance please contact our Customer Support team by email at Normal business hours are from 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday (AEST).

7.Children's Privacy

It is important that any information provided or purchases made by children have the consent of parents or guardians.

8.Other Privacy information you should be aware of:

Sign out or close your browser once you have finished shopping within or associate partner stores. This is to ensure that others cannot access your personal information and correspondence.

If you share a computer with someone or are using a computer in a public place like a library or Internet café, you as an individual are responsible for the security of and access to your computer.

You are solely responsible for maintaining the secrecy of your username and passwords and any account information. Please be careful and responsible whenever you are using the Internet and

As a Blockbuster member of a store you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your own membership account and password. You agree to take responsibility for all activities that occur under your account and password.

Further Privacy information can be obtained on the Australian Privacy Commissioner's Website.

9.We may offer links to websites that are operated by third parties.

If you visit one of these linked websites you should review their privacy and other policies. We are not responsible for the policies and practice of third parties.

10.Correction of your Personal Information

You may request access and correction to your personal information as provided by you to us by contacting us on

If you need more assistance please contact our Customer Support team by email at Normal business hours are from 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday (AEST).

Should you wish to complain about the use of your personal information please contact:

Privacy Officer

BB Australia Pty Ltd

PO Box 517

Shepparton, VIC 3632